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What is Tiny Whoop

It all started in 2015 with Jesse Perkins of Colorado USA who was a pilot with the famous Big Whoop drone racing team. Jesse took a standard micro drone and added a tiny camera to create the worlds smallest FPV drone, he named his creation "Tiny Whoop".

Tiny Whoops were an instant hit with a growing community of over 30,000 pilots around the world today. The term "Whoop" has become the generic term for all FPV capable micro drones with many different types, sizes and brands available today.

Message From Jesse P

"Since the onset of the Tiny Whoop movement, the community in the United Kingdom has had a major influence on the culture of the global Tiny Whoop community. Many of the first pilots to follow what used to be called the Tiny Whoop "Recipe" were in the UK, and that strong presence in Europe was a huge influence in the way Tiny Whoop became a global phenomenon with a focus on having fun and laughing with pals".

"Tiny Whoop UK is one way we can say Thank You and give as much support as possible to Tiny Whoop clubs and individual pilots"

Tiny Whoop Clubs

The UK has Tiny Whoop clubs across the country who welcome new members. They can offer help and advice and run regular events and parties. check out the Whoop Clubs page to find a club near you and begin your tiny adventure.

Want your club to join Tiny Whoop UK or are you thinking of starting a club? Contact us today for an application pack and join the tiny revolution.

Tiny Whoop Go

Want to learn to fly micro drones or just sharpen your skills, maybe join other pilots from around the world for live races and events?

Try the official Tiny Whoop simulator "Tiny Whoop Go"

  • Free to play
  • Unique breathtaking maps
  • Special training maps
  • Track Builder
  • Live esport events and competitions
  • Choose from different types of micro drone

Visit Tinywhoopgo.com to find out more and get your free copy.