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TWGO Track Builder Demo and Tutorial 02-May-2020   Jesse Perkins
I've showed the track builder to so many people, it's past time to whip up a quick tutorial video!
Tiny Whoop GO 16-Apr-2020   Nige Tomlinson
Hey Tiny Whoop Community, I’m so excited to FINALLY announce ... Tiny Whoop Games Online!!!!! Tiny Whoop GO is a collaboration between Tiny Whoop & Rotor Rush to enable the network of Tiny Whoop clubs around the world to run professional online events and funflys while real-world meet-ups are on hold. All Tiny Whoop club organizers now have free access to the Tiny Whoop GO track builder to make courses for pilots around the world to fly for free. The track builder will soon be available to all creative pilots as a small in-app purchase. Wanna try Tiny Whoop GO for free and fly a few courses created by Tiny Whoop club organizers around the world? Go to membership page and sign up! We'll send you an email with a free activation code for Tiny Whoop GO.
Tiny Whoop UK Launch 03-Feb-2020   Nigel Tomlinson
Tonight saw the official Launch of Tiny Whoop UK by Jesse P during an epic livestream.. The TWUK website offers information about Whoops, how to join the hobby and a cool map that helps you find a Tiny Whoop club near you, how pilots can become members of Tiny Whoop UK. Tiny Whoop UK is made up of independent Tiny Whoop clubs all around the UK, all working together to grow the hobby and create a vibrant friendly community.